SC has introduced coro drill bed 460- xm. The new type of drilling rig is a multi-purpose, high-performance drill, which can be widely used in various materials. The drill has high capacity utilization, flexibility and versatility. The drilling of all materials can reduce the inventory, improve the flexibility of the machine, and shorten the installation time.

The company reported that the coro rig, 460-xm, was made of fine particulate matter with a perfect combination of hardness and toughness, resulting in high abrasion resistance and longer service life. The coating has a special treatment method to reduce the friction coefficient. Strong web design provides excellent cross-section strength, plus increased flute volume, enhanced chip evacuation. The 140-degree point Angle ideal is suitable for multi-purpose drilling, with good central performance and low thrust design.

The standard diameter of the drill is 3 to 20 mm (0.118 to 0.787 inches). 2 to 5 times drill diameter (DIN 63537 K and DIN 63537 L). Achievable hole tolerances: IT8 to IT9, available internal and external coolant.

The company is now available for drilling in steel and cast iron. The coro drill 870 is part of a new generation of interchangeable tip drills designed to save time and reduce drilling costs.

Coro drill 870 can be optimized according to the possibility of diameter, step and length. Holes can be more efficient and closer to the required specifications, making them more suitable for subsequent operations.

The highly secure interface between the drill and the tip ensures reliability and precision, while a quick and simple technique change process helps to maximize machining time. The new cut geometry and grade provide a secure cutting process that allows for improved penetration while maintaining chip control and increasing tool life.

The drill has a diameter of 12 to 25.90 mm (0.472 to 1.020 inches) and is 3, 5, 8 times the length of the drill. Each drill has a unique interface size and matching technique to achieve the hole tolerance of IT9 to IT10.