Coil wrapping machine--FPS-800
Enquiry sheet for coil Packaging machine – Eye to Wall
Sr. No.Description Requirement
Wider coil / slit
2Coil OD700-2000mm
3Coil ID508-610mm
4Coil Width25-1300mm
5Coil Weight25MT (Max.)
6Orientation of Coil – EntryEye to wall
7Orientation of Coil – ExitEye to wall
8Loading of coilBy Overhead crane / forklift
9Unloading of Finished coilBy Overhead crane / forklift
10Coil Temperature50˚C (Max.)
11Wrapping Material Data
aTypeHDPE, LDPE, Crepe paper, knit belt, Blue ploythene, bubble sheet
bDouble wrapping at a timeRequired 
cCutting DeviceAutomatic
eFriction between wheels and ringAdjustable
fLevel height of turning ringAdjustable
12For Main Spool for HDPE flimPE / HDPE / PAPER / KNIT BELT
bRoll OD250mm max.
cRoll Width190mm +/- 5mm
dRoll ID75mm +/-5mm
13For 2nd spool for strech flimLDPE / PVC / STRETCH FILM
aThickness50 microns – 80 microns
bRoll Diameter230mm max.
cRoll Width250mm +/- 5mm
dCore Diameter75mm +/-5mm
14Productivity / effective working houorsMin 10 Coils / Per Hour
15Ring SpeedSupplier to Specify
16Overlap rateSupplier to Specify
17Roller speedSupplier to Specify
18Working modesAutomatic & Manual – Both
19Space requiredSupplie to provide
20Air / Pneumatic Supply4-4.5 kg/cm2
21List of required Equipments
aWrapping Machine / Main engine of the machine + One Loading / unloading trolley with track etc +  Weighing system and display1 set (Wrapping Machine + Two  trolleys with track etc +  One Weighing system and display)
bAutomatic Film cutting & release mechanism1 set
cPacking material preparation system1 set
dComplete Electricals1 set
eComplete Hydraulic and pneumatics1 set, if any
fManuals and CDs etc1 set
gSpare partsAs per supplier,
recommendation for one year spare
22Electrical Data
aPower Supply3 Phase, 415 VAC±5, 50 Hz
bControl Voltage24VDC
cConnected PowerAs per supplier design
23Make of major bought of items
bTouch ScreenSiemens
eSwitch brandSchneider
gGear-MotorSEW EURO or NORD
iLoad-cellMettler Toledo/HY (Germany)
jHydraulic Cylinder
kPneumatic CylinderFESTO
lHydraulic Valve
mPneumatic ValveFESTO
nLM guideHIWIN
24Total Equipment wt.
25Price basis
26Payment Terms
29Guaranteed Value
aOverlapping accuracy5%
bThroughputmin 10 coils/hour(M/c start-stop)