Drilling-design, cooling, dimensions

The company’s WADX series of large-diameter drilling RIGS now includes wadx-l coolers. To reduce the cost of each component, wdx-l indexable bit is characterized by side port coolant. Since not all spindles are cooled, wadx-l allows the cooling agent to be used on the side side. The diameter of wadx-l is 0.5625-2.5000, in the length […]

Advent Programming Software

Advent Tool knows well about our customers’ constant needs to update their CNC machinery with accurate programming calculations. Our Thread Mill Programming Software is designed for conveniently use on your equipment and is available FREE to Advent customers. Tech Note: Once you have the files, unzip it into your computer, the right file need to setup the program on […]

Alloy drill bit-the right way to use

As we all know, extremes meet, a commodity only with the right, in order to achieve the best results. Alloy drill bit as well. But the correct use of alloy drill bit is how it? Here, let the alloy drill bit manufacturers to tell you the right way to use the metal drill bit it. […]

The economics of re-coating

The economics of re-coating The most common tool coatings are TiN, TiC and TiAlN. Other superhard nitrogen / carbide coatings are also useful, but less common. PVD diamond-coated tools can also be ground and repainted. During the re-coating process, the tool should be “protected” to avoid critical surface damage. Often, when the user has purchased […]

The main content of the tool management contract

Although each contract has a certain personality due to the specific requirements of the tool management, but the tool management project contract has some common content, they are: to determine a place where the tool storage and access to the warehouse; In order to calculate the inventory of funds and the cost of settlement; the […]

Better service- From tool manufacturer

After a period of time, some are only responsible for purchasing the tool management project has been eliminated, because technology vendors can not provide tools, services, some reasons of failure is that they attempt to put the tool service with high technology is the use of standardized practices. These commercial operation based tool management did […]

New type of service-Tool management

Tool management is suitable for their business? To answer this question, we must first find out the tool management meaning. Generally, the tool in whole or in part by another enterprise supply, the companies only bear the responsibility for the supply of modern tool. The tool management purpose is much broader, it include increased productivity […]

Improving the tool life – selecting geometry parameters

The wear rate is slower, the tool life is higher, so the factors that influence the tool wear will affect the durability of cutting tools, and tool life is an important symbol to measure the cutting performance. So we need to analyze factors affecting the tool life, so as to effectively control the relationship between […]

Multi-Material drill bits

Calloy Tools introduced a full line of multi-material drill bits for drilling through brick, block, tile, metal, wood, laminate, plastic, and marble and more.   The bits will even drill through multiple materials at the same time, the company says. They have a unique diamond-ground, four-facet carbide tip with super-sharp cutting edges that guarantee centered starts […]