How to prevent damage to the tool when machining aerial parts

During machining, if the tool is severely damaged, it will usually damage the machined part, and sometimes even damage the machine. Aeronautical parts usually have a complex shape and are made of valuable materials. The processing of these parts requires a lot of man-hours. Therefore, if the workpiece scrap, both in terms of raw material […]

The new processing technology after 10 years

Microfabrication: In order to produce micro-machine tools, as processing technology, is carrying out mechanical processing, electrical processing, laser processing, forming and other aspects of in-depth study. Make full use of the characteristics of the above-mentioned processing, processing technology is along the micro, large area, three-dimensional, to adapt to a variety of materials processing direction. The […]

What about fpc?

Below are the features of fpc6 milling cutter: it is double-ended and is fixed in length. Two kinds of flute, most of which are designed for general use, are fpc8, including steel. A dark gray aluminum titanium tower coating is a feature of these cutting tools and is known for its heat resistance and hardness. […]

The new processing technology after ten years-The direction of manufacturing technology

The direction of manufacturing technology The 21st century to a large extent can be said to environmental protection as the core of the century, from a large number of consumption, a large number of waste of economic and social transformation of resources for the recycling of economic and social, in order to ensure sustainable development, […]

Grinding of the drill 1

Call Plan’s technical expert Mike Plankey made a few comments on drilling holes on the cylinder. First, the center of the workpiece can be drilled with a center drill hole, so that drilling has an accurate starting point, the other is the use of cross-grinding drill bit drill, it can make the beginning of cutting […]

Coro drill

SC has introduced coro drill bed 460- xm. The new type of drilling rig is a multi-purpose, high-performance drill, which can be widely used in various materials. The drill has high capacity utilization, flexibility and versatility. The drilling of all materials can reduce the inventory, improve the flexibility of the machine, and shorten the installation […]

Standard knowledge of Milling cutters

Since our standard platform can’t be everything to each application, and sometimes a new platform has to be created to achieve the right throughput. Below is several examples of tools which were a work in processing and some of them may become standard things in the near future based on their initial success. Please ask Informations for pricing or informations on these specific items.   Facing Grooving […]

Today’s Innovative processing Needs

Calloy Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. was established in 1974 as a factory serving the manufacturing industry. And Manufacturing high-speed NPT thread mills for their own use, then soon supply other companies with a variety of products. Now, Advent supplies calloy, calloy and customized applications in order to meet manufacturers’ needs for higher quality threads, improving tool service life and […]

Precision drilling, high speed drilling, excellent drilling production efficiency

The company announced an expansion of replaceable convertible bit. The drill is a series of large diameter pieces (from 26.0 to 41.0 mm in diameter) with two effective cutting edges for high speed and high productivity. The clamping system of the drilling system USES a unique wrong asymmetric seat and a screw setting, which can […]