The company’s WADX series of large-diameter drilling RIGS now includes wadx-l coolers. To reduce the cost of each component, wdx-l indexable bit is characterized by side port coolant. Since not all spindles are cooled, wadx-l allows the cooling agent to be used on the side side. The diameter of wadx-l is 0.5625-2.5000, in the length of the 4XD drill body. Wadx-l accepts the same insert as the regular WADX series (WADXT insert).

The traditional WADX has a diameter of 0.5625 inches to 2XD, 3XD and 4XD. The WADX series has inches and metric units.

Sumitomo has reportedly provided reliable design for a large selection of WADX and wadx-l, for steady drilling. All of the drillers have a four-force indexable insert design to provide a cost-effective drilling solution and simple tool management. The series is inserted twice for each drill, regardless of diameter. The life span of cutter life includes AC300 of steel, AC300 of cast iron and D1500 of aluminum.

The company has successfully cooled its successful DWC170 internal cooling, solid carbide drill, and introduced two new dimensions, 25xDc and 30xDc. These dimensions extend the drill string to extend the P, K and H of the ISO material group to a new depth while maintaining the performance improvement of the DWC170 line. According to the company, this includes increasing production efficiency, because compared with the traditional hard alloy drill, the service life is increased by 50 percent and the processing parameters are increased by 35 percent.

Land design is a key factor in this performance, thanks to the shallow cooling slots at the ends of the drill. The coolant flow contains the entire drill point, producing the optimal cooling of the drill and workpiece interface, and inhibits the encapsulation of the chip. This is especially important given the high temperatures that occur during drilling. The design of the drill bit is stronger than the traditional design, which improves the service life, stability and reliability of the cutter.

In addition, the ability to control the coolant flow helps improve surface smoothness, helping users avoid reprocessing after drilling. The innovative combination of new land design makes the drilling operation smoother, reduces the minimum vibration and improves the quality of the hole.

The DWC170 rig has eight visible cooling slots that can be used for grinding scales. These drills can be adjusted to three times until only two cooling slots remain.


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