HSN – 1300

HSN – 1300 the latest engineering silicon nitride cutting tool has excellent toughness and high cutting speed capability. Rotation and milling of various cast iron. Hsnt-100 is a good choice for toughness, ductility, ductile iron and other difficult iron. Gem – 7 Al2O3 + TiC composite ceramics, with high roll rotation and hard alloy (up to 65 R/c) processing predictability.

Clamp device and bar

Greenliffe’s advanced grooves, embossed and cut-off mold systems are designed to provide incomparable insertion support to ensure maximum tool life and maximum material removal rates. Fully qualified, this system is designed to allow the use of GL advanced ceramic inserts or high-performance cemented carbide blades in the same tool holder. The tool bit inserted at the bottom of the round “V” provides two insertion pocket configurations. Opt for a solid or spiral style insert or replaceable nesting style for easy maintenance. All the tools are precision machined, from alloy steel and heat treatment to durability and longevity.

Support the blade

Greenliffe’s advanced grooves, embossing and cutting tools are further axpanded by a supported blade system that provides qualified support blades to a wide variety of handle options. CAPTO shanks and KM someone who comported himself, and the framework of the straight shank and reinforced, provides 248 support the combination of the blade and handle are available, and to meet the most of any OD groove, lateral lines, grooves or cut off the surface of the need. All green leaf support blades are designed to allow the use of GL advanced ceramic inserts or high-performance carbide blades.

Holemill is a indexable bit that utilizes the GL’s advanced hard alloy grades for higher speeds, quieter cuts, longer tool life, and reduced horsepower consumption. Insert is the square (SPMT) of each inserted four index. Holemill has 1 to 3 times the diameter of 1/8 increments.