Performance of PVD coating. In ANSI standard geometry, carbide blades can be used to handle multi-purpose fractals in rough situations.


The ga-53025 CHVD ceramic coating grade provides excellent heat resistance and long life.

Metal ceramic

Greenliff is a leader in the development and manufacture of ceramic and coated ceramics in ANSI standards and special geometric shapes. Highlights include:

Gem 19 is a high-speed Al2O3 ceramic layer that needs to be completed.

Leather bar

Use advanced 3 d modeling and CHNC manufacturing equipment engineering system, GL is one of the few cutting tool manufacturers, through the tool cutting tools inserta complete system to meet your requirements to provide solutions.

Milling cutter

The Hushcut two mill is an ideal power limitation or harmonic vibration. An advanced chip design, combined with ADGT/APHT screw insertion and free-cutting pocket geometry, leads to longer insert life and improved surface treatment.

GL professional milling cutter has a screw in insert design to facilitate insertion of index and maximum chip clearance. Applications include center 45 ° oblique cutting, cutting and bulbous milling cutter.

The advanced tool system of the greenliffe H series is specially designed for the processing of hardened materials (45-65 R/c) and the advanced ceramic grades of green leaves. Another “H” series of clamping device with the same characteristics in addition to the “C” series of clamping device inserted into the pocket tool geometry – style in 5 ° negative rake, push the most optimal material.

The GL “C” and “H” series of advanced toolholder systems are assembled for solid insertion. A selectable locking and short series pliers can be used to allow the insertion of perforated holes.

Industrial standard carbide blade

The GL industry standard boring tool has a generic, multi-lock hardware component, and can be used in a variety of styles for all common insertion geometry. Most of the styles are used to adjust the “through bar” coolant of the outlet nozzle. The luye standard boring tool is made of alloy steel precision machining, which is durable and long life. It is completely in accordance with the ANSI/ISO standard.


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