Rotation and milling

Rotation and milling of various cast iron. Hsnt-1300 is a good choice for toughness, ductility, ductile iron and other difficult iron. Gem – 7 Al2O3 + TiC composite ceramics, with high roll rotation and hard alloy (up to 65 R/c) processing predictability. Slot, profile and cut-off GL provides the most comprehensive groove, anatomy and cut-off […]


The multilayer PHVD coating increases heat resistance and wear resistance, making it have an impact resistance. H-9315 should run at medium speed and run at medium speed in the application of milling and interrupts. The H-9335 multi-layer PHVD coated steel plate milling and flipping applications require additional resistance to mechanical and thermal shock. Multi-layer PHVD […]

Turn the heavy

Turn the heavy Ceramic cutting tools, such as the luye gem-7 composite and wg-300 whiskers, combine with a sturdy, well-designed support system to produce a green leaf blade system. carbide GL provides a hard alloy blade from sub-micron c-1 to c-8. As a coating carbide industry pioneer, GL provides a variety of coatings, coatings and […]

H speed

H speed is used. The h-20m A micron c-2 carbide is suitable for the rotation and milling of titanium and nickel-base superalloys. H-20m has strength and edge wear characteristics when high strength material is turned. cermet Greenliff is a leader in the development and manufacture of ceramic and coated ceramics in ANSI standards and special […]

high cutting speed

H-5036 has a unique toughness and heat resistance, which makes it suitable for heavy duty and light milling of high cutting speed. H – 5040 for low speed, high feed of carbon steel and alloy steel, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast […]

H-5022 H- 5025 H-5026 H-5035

GL provides a hard alloy blade from sub-micron c-1 to c-8. Pioneer in coating carbide industry, Green leaves provide a wide variety of uncoated, lacquered and painted PHVD – coated grades. Carbide blade can be in ANSI standard geometry and multi – purpose crushing For rough grinding. Coating – CHVD H-5022 a common CHVD coating […]

milling high

CHVD coating is rated in severe machining applications and requires resistance to mechanical shock. G-910 PHVD coating is used for milling high temperature alloy, stainless steel and low carbon steel. G-910 is a medium speed rating and should be used in medium to high feed rate. G- 915 multilayer PHVD coating grade for milling and […]

G-5125 (CHVD coating)

G-5125 (CHVD coating) Suitable for high speed and moderate milling alloy steel. Excellent wear resistance, crater wear, thermal shock, deformation and edge formation Powerlock insert The green leaf Powerlock thread and slot system, tools and toolbars provide a complete carbide blade, in line with the industry’s style, with a notch – style system. In addition, […]

Hushcut series II milling cutter

Hushcut series II milling cutter To make the most of available horsepower, greenliffe’s Hushcut series II milling cutter offers a quiet, free-cutting motion that results in longer tool life and improved surface finishes. The Hushcut II milling cutter USES a high shear tip geometry that can be used in two insert sizes to accommodate the […]

The application information recommended by cutters for rhino feed

Application information The application information recommended by cutters for rhino feed Tools are best suited for “z-level” roughening; Reach the cutting depth (DOC) and remove the entire plane. The use of rhino feed is not recommended. Increase (2 ˚ Max.) Recommend it. The use of a rhino feed tool absolutely requires climbing. In the conventional […]