turning and milling of high strength alloys

The g-9320 PHVD coating grades are used for high strength materials such as turning and milling of high strength alloys, titanium and stainless steel. The g-9320 is also an excellent grade for aluminum and refractory metals. This level has the ability to resist deformation and punch and requires a higher speed than g-9310.

The g-9325 multi-layer PVD coating grade is specially used for processing enzymes and difficult materials. Typical applications include high temperature alloys, titanium and other refractory metals, stainless steel and many cast iron.

G-9325 has good anti-concavity and deformation. Suitable for medium to high speed and moderate feed.

Hard alloy continuous

Smear, peripheral vascular disease

The g-9335 multi-layer PVD coated steel plate milling and flipping applications require additional resistance to mechanical and thermal shock. Multi-layer PVD coating improves the speed and wear resistance of milling.


The g-230m A micron c-32 carbide is suitable for the rotation and milling of titanium and nickel-base superalloys. The g-20m has the strength and edge wear characteristics in high strength material steering.


Greenliff is a leader in the development and manufacture of ceramic and coated ceramics in ANSI standards and special geometric shapes. The highlights include:

Wg-3300 patents are required to enhance ceramics, with excellent wear and impact high surface velocity. The wg-3300 is very effective in processing the superalloys of nickel and cobalt and other hard materials

The removal rate of metals is 10 times higher than carbide. The wg-6300 is the only commercial second-generation coated ceramic composite cutter with whisker reinforcement. Good at finishing high strength alloy material.

HSN – 100 latest engineering silicon nitride cutting tools have excellent toughness and high cutting speed capability. Rotation and milling of various cast iron. Hsnt-1300 is a good choice for toughness, ductility, ductile iron and other difficult iron. Hsn-2300 latest coating silicon-nitride cutting tools provide excellent toughness, long tool life, and excellent surface finish.