Rotation and milling

Rotation and milling of various cast iron. Hsnt-1300 is a good choice for toughness, ductility, ductile iron and other difficult iron.

Gem – 7 Al2O3 + TiC composite ceramics, with high roll rotation and hard alloy (up to 65 R/c) processing predictability.

Slot, profile and cut-off

GL provides the most comprehensive groove, anatomy and cut-off in the industry. Each application in the workshop can use this unique tool system to accommodate ceramic and carbide blades.


GL provides a hard alloy blade from sub-micron c-1 to c-8. As a coating carbide industry pioneer, GL provides a variety of coatings, coatings and coatings

PHVD coated grades. The carbide blade can be processed in rough with a multipurpose fractal in the ANSI standard geometry.

Coating – CHVD

High speed rail – 53025 high speed steel – clad turning, light processing, carbon steel and alloy steel polishing, and selection of stainless steel.

Ga-53026 is a rapid development of superalloys, stainless steel and refractory metals for nickel and cobalt bases. The advanced mt-chvd coating has high abrasion resistance on microparticle substrate. Ga-53026 has special resistance to the tooth groove and deformation of high-strength materials.

It is used in high speed and light feed for milling applications. Ga-53035 is a high-performance CHVD coating grade for rotating all types of steel and choosing stainless steel. Ga-53035 can be used for rough and semi-finishing, which can be used to resist thermal deformation, thermal shock and wear. Ga-53035 should be suitable for high speed and a range of feed.

Smear, peripheral vascular disease

G – 9315 multi-layer PHVD coating grade for milling and rotating high temperature alloy, stainless steel and low carbon steel. The multi-layer PHVD coating increases heat resistance and wear resistance, making it have an impact resistance. G-9315 should run at medium speed and run at medium speed in the application of milling and interrupts.

end mill for stainless steel