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CHVD coating is rated in severe machining applications and requires resistance to mechanical shock. G-910 PHVD coating is used for milling high temperature alloy, stainless steel and low carbon steel. G-910 is a medium speed rating and should be used in medium to high feed rate.

G- 915 multilayer PHVD coating grade for milling and rotating high temperature alloys, stainless steel and low carbon steel. The multilayer PHVD coating increases heat resistance and wear resistance, making it have an impact resistance.

G-915 should run at a moderate speed and run at medium speed in applications that are milling and interrupting turns.

The g-935 multi-layer PHVD coated steel plate milling and flipping applications require additional resistance to mechanical and thermal shock. The multilayer PHVD coating improves the speed and wear resistance of milling.


H-53 is used for the medium speed of steel and steel alloys and the general milling grade of feed. With good toughness and abrasion resistance, it can be used as a comprehensive grade of mixed production and application. H-53 is not recommended for continuous rotation.

H is for high speed and low to medium feed. It has excellent wear resistance in dry alloy steel.


Greenliff is a leader in the development and manufacture of ceramic and coated ceramics in ANSI standards and special geometric shapes. The highlights include:

H – 300.

Patent, must enhance ceramic, have excellent wear and resist the high surface speed of impact. The h-300 is very effective in working with superalloys of nickel and cobalt, as well as other hard materials, with a metal removal rate 10 times higher than carbide.

H – 100.

The latest silicon nitride cutting tools have excellent toughness and high cutting speed capability. Rotation and milling of various cast iron. H-100 is a good choice for toughness, ductility, ductile iron and other difficult iron.

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GL has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing the lathes and boring systems of various industries around the world.