Microfabrication: In order to produce micro-machine tools, as processing technology, is carrying out mechanical processing, electrical processing, laser processing, forming and other aspects of in-depth study. Make full use of the characteristics of the above-mentioned processing, processing technology is along the micro, large area, three-dimensional, to adapt to a variety of materials processing direction. The so-called refinement, is to reach the level of 10nm processing indicators. If the microfabrication using atomic force microscopy has been very fine, the production efficiency of this method is very low, so that the problem of further high speed and light weight is still to be solved. At present, the use of laser processing, in the processing accuracy and aspect ratio is expected to be improved. Such as SR light for diaphragm processing, can reduce the cost of production, such as in the processing technology can be improved to achieve the practical level. In the three-dimensional processing, the use of SR light processing and the use of ion beam etching process, are expected to become an effective way in this regard. The main processing methods to adapt to a variety of materials are still forming processing, such as 10μm ~ 10nm structure of its vertical and horizontal size ratio of 10 to the copy processing, will be about 10 years of the next bionic, information machinery industry. The replication materials include functional ceramics, non-coatable metals (a material that is very suitable for organisms), glass (parabax heat-resistant glass and quartz glass), new polymers, and the like.

And processing technology corresponding to the material: processing technology and material technology are as follows: ① with the processing of ultra-high precision and high stability requirements, need to further strengthen the study of materials; ② with nano-particle technology Progress, nanostructures, films and composite materials will be further developed, processing and material development projects consistent with the field increased; ③ new materials processing technology.