The direction of manufacturing technology

The 21st century to a large extent can be said to environmental protection as the core of the century, from a large number of consumption, a large number of waste of economic and social transformation of resources for the recycling of economic and social, in order to ensure sustainable development, must have the following three conditions:

Reusable resources should be consumed within the framework of reusing resources;

For non-reusable resources, as far as possible to reusable resources to replace, and should be in balance with the production to the extent of consumption;

Waste emissions should be controlled within the possible range of natural purification.

According to the above conditions, manufacturing technology should strive to develop the resource recycling system, that should focus on achieving the following objectives: (1) the establishment of recycling-based production system; (2) to achieve zero radiation and energy consumption minimization; Establish the evaluation technology of environmental tolerance. To achieve the above (1), (2) two indicators, must use a new point of view to carry out the development of processing technology. Corresponding to the social and economic needs, including processing technology, including the development of production systems are as follows: ① Corresponding with the information: independent decentralized production system; ② and unskilled and aging corresponds to: automated production systems, people-oriented Production system; ③ corresponds to environmental protection: resource recycling-based production system, low-radiation production system; ④ corresponding with the demand for diversification: breed batch commissioning production system to determine the order production system.

The above production system is not based on a unified concept, nor is it a one-to-one system based on social needs, and that people-oriented production systems are only roughly differentiated from a broad perspective.