Although each contract has a certain personality due to the specific requirements of the tool management, but the tool management project contract has some common content, they are: to determine a place where the tool storage and access to the warehouse; In order to calculate the inventory of funds and the cost of settlement; the contract is valid for at least 3 to 5 years; in order to settle the performance of the service, the need for a reliable test of the number of parts processed by the way; in the reception of existing Of the tool, to make the appropriate assessment; the number of tool turnover according to the provisions of tool durability and wear limits of the provisions of the wear and wear conditions and wear the width of the tool to prepare the tool should be specified when the processing tool wear, Change the cutting parameters should also be a similar procedure; to change the process of the matter should be agreed; should always pay attention to the development and improvement of the potential; contingency plans and contingency plans, as far as possible to avoid the production of pause; in order to resolve the dispute, To specify the arbitration body and its composition and authority.

Do a good job before the establishment of the analysis

Although the tool supply has a great potential for saving, but the tool management project has been successful, there are failures, it must be on the project opportunities and risks for a careful trade-off, a testable program, the need for enterprises in advance carefully Analysis.