Tool management is suitable for their business? To answer this question, we must first find out the tool management meaning. Generally, the tool in whole or in part by another enterprise supply, the companies only bear the responsibility for the supply of modern tool. The tool management purpose is much broader, it include increased productivity reduce the tool, the total cost and the necessary funds, reduce the number of tool suppliers, reduce processing costs and other aspects.

Put forward the main purpose is to improve the tool outsourcing supply purchasing and inventory status, so there is a business tool management service business, but they lack the understanding of the importance of the tool, the tool like gloves as management. In fact, the parts processing process needs to continue to provide modern tools of proprietary technology.

After a period of time, some are only responsible for purchasing the tool management project has been eliminated, because technology vendors can not provide tools, services, some reasons of failure is that they attempt to put the tool service with high technology is the use of standardized practices. These commercial operation based tool management did not reach the expected the effect, companies had to abandon such cooperation. Summarizes the lessons of failure, some high-tech manufacturing enterprises realize tool manufacturer is the right partner of tool management, the enterprise must choose the correct business tool management services according to their own needs.